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3M™ Window Film Case Study – Cleveland Marriott Downtown – Sunray®

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Marriott hotel  Sunray® completed another install for the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at 127 Public Square Cleveland Ohio 44114. Sunray® has installed different 3M films at this location over the past 8 years. Films like, 3M Fasara SH2MA ML Milano on the bellhop doors and conference rooms throughout the building. Problem area glass that looked dirty but was spruced up with 3M NV15 underneath the overhang of the entrance way. This was a difficult install because of the outside traffic going in and out of the building.

Most importantly the Heat and Glare problem for the 2nd floor windows in the ball room area are now under control. The 3M Night Vision 15 was used to alleviate the unbearable heat and glare coming from the eastern sky. Customers were complaining how hot and bright this area was in comparison to the rest of the building. Management wanted a film that would match the existing building tinted glass if possible in order to not be able to notice a difference in the glass.

The right company (Sunray®) and the right film (3M NV15) was selected to correct the problem. From the inside and out the 3M NV15 matches the existing tinted glass and reduces the glare and heat. Now ,the 2nd floor ballroom area looks like their never was a problem!

The properties for 1/4 inch insulated glass with 3M NV15 applied:

(Properties other window film manufacturer’s don’t show you!) –Vista, Llumar, Huper Optik

Emissivity: 0.70 when measured using a Devices & Services Emissometer Model AE at or near room temperature
U-Factor: .047
Visible Light Transmission (ASTM E 84): 14 percent = (82% glare reduction)
Visible Reflection:
Exterior (ASTM E 903): Not more than 44 percent
Interior (ASTM E 903): Not more than 20 percent
Ultraviolet Transmission (ASTM E 903): Less than 1 percent
Shading Coefficient at 90 Degrees (Normal Incidence) (ASTM E 903): Not less than 0.42
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