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3M™ Security Window Film For Schools

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Provide Increased Security Efforts In Schools Against Armed Aggressors

Protect yourself from tornadoes, terrorism, violent weather, & unwanted perpetrators

There’s no denying the aesthetic value glass windows and doors give a  commercial building. But is glass really the best defense for your students, teachers and personal property when danger looms outside. After the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School, many schools are looking for added protection with increased security and added precaution.

3M S600 Safety Window Film specified for Schools will help hold your glass in place during tornadoes, severe winds, earthquakes, even bomb blasts from terrorist explosions. It helps maintain the integrity of a building’s outer shell to keep wind, rain and flying shattered glass shards from wreaking havoc inside the building. It also helps reduce damage and injury from indoor incidents like children running into or throwing things at glass doors or windows.

3M Ultra S600 Window Film also helps deter unwanted perpetrators by eliminating their most crucial weapon…time. Criminals rely on quick and easy access for a successful break-in. A door or window that slows them down is one that will probably make them go away.

Thicker is not necessarily better

The general rule is the thicker the film, the stronger the film. But that’s not always the case. What’s crucial is impact- and tear-resistance. And 3M’s got the best.

 3M’s patented micro-layered polyester technology outperform all other films of similar thickness.  That’s because our micro-layered technology makes the film and glass more flexible, so they absorb some of the impact and are more likely to stay in the window frame without breaking. And even if the glass does break, the window  film helps hold the glass together, significantly reducing the chance of injury from flying shards. Several years ago, the General Services Administration (GSA) mandated a universal standard for measuring the level of blast protection. The GSA developed criteria for evaluation of acceptable levels of protection for the glass fragment hazard. This criteria is part of the comprehensive security criteria (GSA Security Criteria, Final Working Version, January 1997) developed by the GSA which includes physical security, electronic security, and many other criteria for blast considerations. The GSA has indicated a preference, but not a requirement, for open-air high explosive testing rather than shock tube testing. This is because current shock tube testing methods cannot adequately emulate air blast waveforms from real explosions and tend to be over-energetic at the same peak blast pressure level versus real explosions.

3M Impact Protection Adhesive improves the overall performance of 3M safety and security window films. This unique window protection system combines the toughness of 3M’s patented micro layer safety film with 3M’s world class expertise in a adhesive’s to help shield against impact energy from severe weather, terrorist activity, earthquakes, bomb blasts or forced entry events. The 3M Impact Protection System also helps protect against personal injury against flying glass.

Tested and re-tested

3M™ Safety & Security Window Film is one of the most vigorously tested fragment retention films out there. Windstorms, bomb blasts, armed aggressors, flying objects…we’ve thrown everything we can think of at it to make sure it not only meets, but exceeds industry standards for impact- and tear-resistance. And a proprietary, scratch-resistant coating keeps the film looking good year after year. No special maintenance is needed-simply clean your windows as you normally would.

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