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3M Fasara SH2EM LA (Lausanne)- Liggett Stashower Advertising

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LiggettStashour1  If your looking for decorative window film… look no further… Sunray™ Window Films has a wide selection of films to choose from. These films are made by 3M and the brand name is called FASARA.

Liggett Stashower, an advertising agency wanted to have a decorative look that helps with distractions from people walking by the conference rooms. Distractions can slow down worker production time and concentration levels.

LiggettStashour3  Sunray™ an Authorized 3M window film dealer, installed 3M Fasara SH2EM LA (LAUSANNE) for Liggett Stashower. The job called for the film to be 20″ AFF and 5′ high. The distractions are at a minimum and Liggett Stashower can now focus on their projects in style!

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